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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said bars and restaurants would have to close from Thursday to control a resurgence of the coronavirus. Indoor restaurants will reopen, movie theaters will reopen and bars will reopen after a week - a long ban on outdoor dining in the state's capital, Governor Phil Murphy said Monday.

Restaurants in New Jersey have already been cleared for outdoor dining, but Murphy has delayed the reopening of indoor restaurants by a week because of health concerns about the spread of the virus inside. While Murphy did not specifically mention the casinos in his announcement, all casinos and bars in New Jersey, the state capital of New York City, will be allowed to reopen on Friday.

Responsibly, this will help restore one of our state's key industries as we continue to make progress at COVID19. Here's what you need to try to serve at the New Jersey Dining Scene on Friday, May 19, 2017, in Trenton, NJ.

Dayton Street 3 serves Costa Rican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there is also a café. The mobile café, equipped with manual espresso machines and milk foams, serves morning and evening coffee and supplies local restaurants with small quantities of roasted coffee.

Learn more about Costa Rican restaurants in Trenton, New Jersey and other parts of the state in our guide to the city's most popular restaurants.

Trenton's Eat Local Facebook page has more than 2,000 followers and the club has named its favourite restaurants over the years. Take a photo outside the restaurant and tweet it to @ EatLocalNJ using the hashtag # TrentonEatsLocal. Our selection for 2017 is the best Costa Rican restaurant in New Jersey and one of the most popular in the state.

This grilled mince bun is made with beef, veal, garlic and thyme and served with friends, onions and sour cream. The sandwich has a good amount of meat, but not as much as you get at other restaurants in Trenton, such as the Tuckahoe Grill. Dishes include pork belly, pork ribs, chicken, beef and pork chops, and a variety of salads. If you want to explore the authentic and diverse Trenton food scene, read our recommendations for Hidden Trentons and join the Trenten's Eat Local Club to sample and try out Trenton menus month after month!

It has 14 different fillings, but my favourites are steak and arepa, and my favourite must be the richness. Every evening, a variety of dishes are served, including pork belly, pork ribs, chicken, beef and pork chops, salads, sandwiches and more.

It is named after an ancient Mayan city, is native to Colombia and has a coffee district where tourists would take the opportunity to experience the region for three or four days in a row.

When one of the restaurants, Joe's Tomato Pies, was about to close, Diaz forgot that he and his sister could rent a restaurant and start cooking their own food. He used the money to open the restaurant and they bought him half his share, which he called Mi Tierra. The Trentino native now owns another restaurant in the same place where he learned the trade.

The latest creation is Madame Croque, a Guatemalan steakhouse that serves piles of grilled meat accompanied by chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken breast and pork chops. Earlier, the chef - a Louisiana native - offered lobster beignets with grilled anouille. MadameCroque offers a good selection of seafood as well as a wide selection of meats and cheeses, such as beef and chicken.

Pulled pork with chips costs $8.95, as does a vegetarian burger with black beans, and green spring rolls with collars cost $2. Although the slogan is "meat can't be beaten," Madame Croque is a good place to behave.

Start your day with Huevos Rancheros or enjoy an authentic Costa Rican casado platter with fried eggs, fried tofu, coconut and palm oil. Like a dormant volcano, it towers above the plate, and you should not miss the mofungo chicken and pork. Vegetarian and vegan options include deep-fried and stirred noodles with tofu and coconut oil, as well as the Health Bebed with Wealth.

Hungarian has been goulash (stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut or paprika) since 1990, and Ila Mae's has served grilled ribs since the 1990s. It has a New Orleans theme and is considered one of the best New Jersey restaurants in New York City, but it has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Try their vegan and vegetarian options, as well as their vegetarian and vegan options. Eat local Trenton dishes and serve a wide selection of dishes, such as macaroni and cheese, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.

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