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The Mavis Discount Tire in Princeton is located in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey, just a short walk from Princeton Public Library. The center is located on the corner of North Main Street and South Broad Street and is set in a park - like a backdrop. The property offers beautiful views of the Hudson River and the city skyline and is adjacent to the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton State University.

The Econo Lodge Inn & Suites is located a little further out in Bordentown, but offers easy access to Trenton via US 206 and I-295. If you prefer to stay closer to the city center, you can also stay at the Westin Hotel in Princeton, New Jersey, for a much lower rate.

Princeton Terrace in West Windsor is also connected to NJ Transit, and the Princeton Junction option can be placed in Manhattan, bringing you back to the tranquility of Copperwood and Princeton after work is done.

Whatever the reason for your visit to Trenton, it is important to find the right hotel that will allow you to explore all that Trenton has to offer. Remember, however, that hotel prices usually go up in early - mid-June, so plan your trip accordingly to save a few dollars. Season 52 restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey, is a destination for seasonal cuisine. Directions to the West Windsor Westin Hotel or for more information about the location of the hotel.

The Rittenhouse Hotel is also located in Philly and offers quality downtown accommodation with plush rooms and suites.

Bicycle rental in Central Park is the best way to see this iconic destination, but it's a little boring to ride a bike through the city the whole way. They also offer bike rides through Manhattan and Harlem (details later), but a few hours in New York City with good views is a bit boring.

Take the NJ Turnpike from its exit at 7A and drive south on Turnpike to the privately funded institution at the top of the hill.

Get directions to the Westin Hotel from the New Jersey Turnpike at its exit at 7A, and visit the suite at the top of the hill, just a few blocks away.

For $40, there are a number of hidden spots in the area that you can use to get a better idea of what you'll find at the Westin Hotel and other New Jersey hotels. The following areas are served by Princeton YP (Princeton, NJ): Police Department and Princeton Public Library. You can also search for "Costco" and 16 ads for Costco in Princeton (Yp).

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Ask almost every mountain biker in North Jersey for the best place to ride, and you'll hear the name Ringwood. Princeton Junction is located in Mercer County and is one of the most popular mountain bike trails in New Jersey and the second best mountain bike destination in the state of New Jersey. This Mercer County NJ vacation rental is located in Princeton, NJ, at the top of the Princeton furnished apartment complex with great views of Princeton River and Princeton Park. The best places to live in and around New York City and a few miles north of Manhattan are Princeton and Junction, both located in Mercer County.

The Quakers first settled in Trenton in 1679, but it was not until 1719 that it was called Trent tow. The city played a prominent role in the American Revolutionary War, as it was the site of the first US military base in New Jersey and the birthplace of General George Washington and his wife Elizabeth and their family. It was also home to one of America's first military academies, the New York Academy of Sciences.

Eagle Rock Reservation is a 400-acre park bordering West Orange, Montclair and Verona, located on the east and west sides of the Trenton River and the Hudson River, respectively.

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