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Pet friendly with a pet policy, "according to the website of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDOT) and" pet friendly "with a" pet policy. "

The Hyatt Regency Princeton also has a route that makes it the perfect place to explore the area. Yesterday we celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for the Homewood Suites in Edison, the first of its kind in the state of New Jersey. Located on 100 Parsonage Road, the hotel offers guests a full-service restaurant, lounge and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor pool and spa. The property will also accommodate guests in a private garage with access to the hotel's outdoor terrace and indoor pool.

Tunnel Hill Partners has a long track record of landfills in New Jersey and Ohio that are serviced by rail. The location of the Homewood Suites on Mount Laurel Road in Edison makes them particularly good for Tunnel Hill to benefit from the richer landfill capacity in Ohio and its proximity to the Ohio River. Just a short drive from the New York subway, Mount Laurel is an ideal location for the construction and operation of a high-speed rail line from Newark to Columbus.

This part of the 08054 postcode includes a large number of new and updated carrier route counts, bounded by the New Jersey Turnpike, the Newark - Newark Expressway and the Delaware River Parkway.

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The address of the Mount Laurel Historical Society is 59044, just blocks from the New Jersey State Archives. Add to that a nearby Pizza Hut (hidden location on the map) and It is located directly in front of the Trenton Public Library, just across from Mount Vernon. The address of the Mount Laurel Historic Society is located at the corner of East Main Street and West Broad Street.

This may not be the place to look for housing, but the average home value here is slightly above average, at $172,900 for the subway station. This is probably not the only place in Trenton, New Jersey, or even New York City where you are looking for a rental. Average home prices here are just over $200,000 in the area, with a median price of $1,500 and a total value of about $2,300, so they are on average several hundred dollars higher than the national average. This is probably not the first place, nor the last, to look for housing.

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Santa Claus will visit Solberg Airport's Whitehouse Station on November 25 and Central Jersey Regional Airport in Hillsborough on December 10. Click on the button below to start the listing process, as Princeton Airport is not the only airport in New Jersey where children can watch Santa Claus fly in. There is only one Christmas Eve when you can drop by Princeton International Airport with Santa Claus on New Year's Eve, December 1.

Homewood Suites owner Chris Vernon said the hotel is expected to open in fall 2016, a year after he broke ground on the project. The Hilton Garden Inn opened in 2007, and since then the business has been stable, if not booming, and has become one of the most successful hotels in Mercer County's hotel industry. A Marriott hotel brand owned by the Briad Group is underway, but Vernon is no newcomer to the Mercer County hotel game. He said yesterday that he welcomed the competition and expects more hotels to emerge following the success of the Hilton Garden Inn.

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