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To serve our customers even better, Amtrak is adding the new Moynihan Train Hall, located in the heart of Penn Station in New York, just blocks from our hotel. The old waiting room has been converted into an Amtrak area - just the area, and at the entrance there is a new entrance that provides much-needed access to the new Amtrak station. New Jersey Transit has opened new waiting rooms at the NewYork-Penn station for NJ Transit riders, as well as new entrances at Newark Liberty International Airport and Newark Airport. Pet Friendly, with pet policy, we are the only hotel in Newark, NJ with an outdoor parking for pets and are pet friendly.

Amtrak offers regional trains to New Jersey and Long Island, as well as cities in New York State and nearby cities including Boston and Washington, DC. The train station offers a variety of amenities, including a restaurant, bar and lounge area for guests and staff.

Join our mailing list and become a member of the New Jersey Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts mailing list! Next, take a look at Penn Station Renovations, where the latest changes to the station and the finds at Penn Station are presented. TouristLink also has a list of activities in Trenton, such as shopping, dining, shopping and restaurants. Visit the day trips to Trento on the trails of Trenton or check our list for more information about the trails, paths and trails of the city in the area.

Whether you love coffee or not, there is a Tim Hortons at 749 William St. in Trenton, New Jersey, just a few blocks from the Holiday Inn Hotel. If you are near the city, the weather network can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and other social media sites. To find out more about the latest weather information and forecasts for the region, you can consult the information about the real estate area of Trentons. Get weather forecasts, weather events, forecasts and forecasts for all parts of the state and country on the weather network and allow you to see the cheapest rentals starting at $1,375.

Search the map for a location or address in Trenton, Ontario, Canada, and search for it in the real estate area of the Holiday Inn Hotel in New Jersey. Search for the location of Trentons on a road map and for the address and location of a Tim Hortons at 749 William St.

Find the train connection from Penn Station in New York (NY) to Trenton on a road map and for the location of a Tim Horton at 749 William St.

Get ready to do something in Trenton, Ontario, and let us find the best hotels for your visit and get you close to some of the best restaurants and attractions in the area. Tripadvisor has a large list of hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and tourist attractions that make it a good resource in Trenton. Check out the list of the most popular hotels and restaurants in New Jersey, New York and Ontario.

Teterboro Airport (TEB - KTEB) is a major airport in New Jersey and New York and has proven itself on domestic flights to and from Tetersboro, New Jersey. If you have been to Trenton, there are no major airports, but if you are looking for a train to New York, you can find it at Newark Liberty International Airport Station, which also stops at Newark, Liberty, International and Airport stations.

It is one of the busiest intersections in Manhattan and is home to a number of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels, as well as the New York Stock Exchange.

Three trains run from Penn Station, and New York City subway stations serving the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens subway lines and the New Jersey Transit line are within walking distance.

According to Tripadvisor travelers, one of the best ways to experience Penn Station in New York and Washington is to visit the New Jersey Holiday Inn Hotel in Trenton, NJ. The station offers easy access to Amtrak, Amtrak trains and the Washington, D.C. Metro - North line.

According to Tripadvisor travelers, the New Jersey Holiday Inn Hotel in Trenton, New Jersey is one of the best hotels in the state with great views of New York and Washington.

The metropolitan area of Mercer County is combined with the New York Combined Statistical Area by the United States Census Bureau. It borders the Philadelphia metropolitan area and has been on the city map of Trenton since 1990. The Penn Station address is a famous transit hub, and the train station is just a few blocks from the sports and concert hall that is home to the New York Knicks and Rangers. READ MORE) The hotel is connected to Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark Newark Airport and Newark General Hospital. There are several restaurants and bars in the city as well as a number of bars and restaurants on the waterfront.

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